Affiliate Disclosure

The Wooly Noggin is a private website run and owned by me. All the designs on this website have been done by me (unless reviewing someone else designs). I have built this site so that people like you can have access to fun and fresh new patterns that I have designed. I pour my heart and soul into designing my patterns and as such, I rely on the income generated by this websites ad and affiliate links as my main source of income. While I realize that ads can be annoying, they do help me to make a living and to keep my patterns free. Thank you for your support!


I do receive monetary reimbursement for the ads that appear on my website. The ads that you will see on my website are not endorsed by myself (Unless they are in a product list below patterns) and they do not reflect my ideas. They are chosen by Google Adsense, while I do have the ability to slightly choose what appears, I do not pick the ads that appear on my website, again, unless they are linked to in materials lists.


When you click on links in my material lists, I will receive a small percentage of your sale. However, you are not bound to use these links to use my site or patterns.


For a small fee of $2.00. You can get a pattern free from ads. It comes with a full-color PDF, which pictures and a plain text document that is perfect for printing with no ads or pictures. However, you may still use the patterns that are on my website, you can even print them. But they may have pictures and ads that will show up on your print.

If you have any questions, please email me at


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