Magic Hat Flag

Magic Hat Halloween Flag by The Wooly Noggin 

This flag is super duper cute, and you don’t have to use it for Halloween! You can use it for any wizardy thing you want! You could change the colors around to fit your perfect witch or warlocks room! I had a lot of fun designing this flag and its the 2nd in my series of six flag designs. Try out this free Halloween crochet pattern today! ???

  Supplies Needed:

(each item purchased from the links above will provide me with a small commission. Thank you for your support and helping to keep my patterns free!)

Stitches you need to know and their abbreviations:

  • Slip Stitch – ss
  • Double Crochet – dc
  • Chain – ch
  • This entire pattern is worked using the Corner to Corner method – c2c

Notes before you begin: If you don’t know how to Corner to Corner, its REALLY easy. Before I get up a tutorial, I would recommend Jess over at The Make and Do Crew . She has a fantastic tutorial on how to do this and you’ll be up and started in 2 mins flat!

The yarn you use AND the hook size you use will determine the size of the dowel you need and effect the size of your flag at the end.

Other Information: I live pretty rural and getting dowels was a bit hard for me. I tried to find one the right size on amazon, but I only found a 50 pack, I didn’t really need a 50 pack so I went to town and went to a lumber store and got my dowels which I cut at home easily. However, above I did include the link to the correct size dowels for this project just in case you don’t have access to an Ace Hardware, Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Measure the flat, and measure an inch on each side and that will be the size dowel you will need. To attack the flag to the dowel, I sewed it on with loops around the dowel. It was really easy to make. After I got the dowel on, I cut a long piece of yarn, wrapped it around the end three times and then did the same at the other end for the hanging part.

I will provide the chart below for you. If you want a larger chart or want the written directions it is included in the link above to purchase for $2.00. I always work from the left hand corner up. But you can work it anyway you want.


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